I photograph wild horses of Oregon, and I am one of many advocates for the current mustang and burro plight, some may know me as MustangMeg through facebook. I also own WildWindArt where I promote my western, wildlife, and wild mustang art work ("For the Mustangs"- benefiting a wild horse organization). So I took two of the names from each, Mustang Meg and WildWind Art, and created... "Mustang Wild". Thank you for being here!

My name is Sonya Spaziani, and I am a graduate from Oregon State University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I've studied Oregon wild horses since 1994 while out in SE Oregon's Steens Mountain area, when driving around a rimrock, about 40 horses of just about every possible color crossed the little mountain road in front of us- big ones, little ones, manes and tails flying... some walking, some trotting, and some loping. I could still hear the hoof beats on the hard packed earth, smell the sage they brushed by, and taste the dust on my lip. I've been mesmerized by them ever since, wanting to know everything I can about these soul-stirring, pure and natural wild-born creatures. By 2004 with the Burns Amendment of the 1971 Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act, essentially removing much necessary protection, it has become my focus and mission to share awareness in effort to acheive better protection for our wild horses and burros.

By purchasing these images or products, you are contributing to the continued research and documentation of our last few remaining herds, as well as the wild lands of our Great Basin region. I will continue providing information on our wild horses; as well as my own contributions to help assure proper and "on the range" management to wild horse preservation organizations.

Keeping the wild in our west,
Sonya, aka Mustang Meg

www.mustangmeg.com (mustang advocacy on fb)
www.mustangwild.com (photography)
www.wildwindart.com (fine art)