Sue Harness(non-registered)
I ordered "Son and Sire." I received it. It is more beautiful than I expected. I'm sorry I did not get the auctioned signed copy but I am happy you got more money to help the burros and 'stangs.
I know it matters not but I closed my fb account. I will endeavour to follow you here and on your blog..
I will continue to be a big fan.
I appreciate all you do. I love your photos, videos, logs and hopefully soon your books
I will miss not seeing your photos daily.
sue harness
J Leilani Carlisle(non-registered)
I read your posts w/exhilaration & excitement each & everyday - You keep the beautiful mustangs alive & wild! Thank you so very, very much for all your efforts - which I know to be many! You definitely go that extra mile to capture their beauty & grace. Thank you, thank you ... from the bottom of my heart ~ for everything you do! I get to see them because of YOU! Thank you for keeping the Wild West alive!!!
Bobby Shawn Consla (The Pundit Bandit)(non-registered)
I never tire, of your tireless efforts, out on the Trail. ;)
medicine turtle(non-registered)

medicine turle cherokee love your website
Rosita Blanford
Love, love your great photos. Please keep them coming! Will there be grouping from Nov and Dec 2016?
Linda Resinger(non-registered)
What beautiful pics of these horses. Thank u for sharing them with all of us who love them!!
Teresa Waite(non-registered)
These are the most gorgeous mustangs. Love you photos. Do you sell any of your photos? Thank you.
Debbie Rhodes(non-registered)
I love your pictures and blog. Thank you.
Holly Rust(non-registered)
Love your work. Thank you for sharing your awesome pics.
Martha Dahlman(non-registered)
Meg my oldest son saw a billboard picture of race horses and got so excited and said Hehew on pape go huthut. Translates to "Horses on paper go running." He was about 2 1/2 at the time and he called them "Hehew's" until he was about 5 years of age. Oh he knew they were horses but that was his pet name for them. He still likes horses but doesn't own one. Truckers aren't home enough to take care of one.
I do enjoy all of your pictures and monologues. It makes my day. I log onto Facebook mostly to see what you have posted and I get excited when you post a horse that is new or one we haven't seen in a while. Keep up the good work.
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