Rachael Miles(non-registered)
So many favorites copperhead will always be first runner up
Mali Delaney(non-registered)
I love horses and the wild horse pages are incredibly beautiful. I look forward to them first thing every morning and have a friend in South America I share them with, almost daily. Your photos are spectacular, I feel I know all these mustangs and do know most of their names. Thank you!
Frank Howll(non-registered)
Absolutely love horses
Sue Harness(non-registered)
I ordered "Son and Sire." I received it. It is more beautiful than I expected. I'm sorry I did not get the auctioned signed copy but I am happy you got more money to help the burros and 'stangs.
I know it matters not but I closed my fb account. I will endeavour to follow you here and on your blog..
I will continue to be a big fan.
I appreciate all you do. I love your photos, videos, logs and hopefully soon your books
I will miss not seeing your photos daily.
sue harness
J Leilani Carlisle(non-registered)
I read your posts w/exhilaration & excitement each & everyday - You keep the beautiful mustangs alive & wild! Thank you so very, very much for all your efforts - which I know to be many! You definitely go that extra mile to capture their beauty & grace. Thank you, thank you ... from the bottom of my heart ~ for everything you do! I get to see them because of YOU! Thank you for keeping the Wild West alive!!!
Bobby Shawn Consla (The Pundit Bandit)(non-registered)
I never tire, of your tireless efforts, out on the Trail. ;)
medicine turtle(non-registered)

medicine turle cherokee love your website
Rosita Blanford
Love, love your great photos. Please keep them coming! Will there be grouping from Nov and Dec 2016?
Linda Resinger(non-registered)
What beautiful pics of these horses. Thank u for sharing them with all of us who love them!!
Teresa Waite(non-registered)
These are the most gorgeous mustangs. Love you photos. Do you sell any of your photos? Thank you.
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