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Wild Mustangs, Wild Winds, and Wildfire

We had around 8 bands come to water. We just sat there the first day in this one spot and let them come to us. Different bands at different times. Some intermingled, some of the bands got to the water fast and took off again.

The second day not as easy, a day we spent most of the time hoofing it, literally mile after dusty mile- but got a pay-off. We got to enjoy the company of Red Vogue! He was on my list of "must find". I've been worried about him since he lost his pinto mare and filly. This is also when I was eye to eye with a beautiful hawk in flight, when I stood on the rimrock, drinking in the wild winds.
To see the video for this trip, here's what I call a "mustang lullaby", my video of the wild horses with the beautiful brand new song, "Cowbella" by Jeanne Kuhns....
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