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Created 17-Oct-14
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Out with some of my best friends, covering three HMA's in SE Oregon. Knowing full well about me, my good buddies still travel with me... Ginger Harter, Patti Braxling Smith, Terry Smith kept me in stitches the whole time with their antics. Only person missing was bff Alice McCammon. We also met up with trouble-makers Carolyn Edson, and her M&M supplier John Wheland. Just returned on the 3rd from a most epic trip, with wild mustangs we've never seen before as well as keeping up with old friends we've been following for a few years.
We hiked the days from sun up to sun down. Have used duct tape on my feet to prevent hiking sores- which worked pretty good, however the extraction was another story LOL. We saw amazing sights, wildlife, and experienced moments with friends that will forever stay in our hearts in our wild west adventures, chasing mustangs with our lenses across Oregon's outback.
Kicking this album off with the stallion "Freedom" named in honor of my dad, who I lost July 27th. It was a healing trip, and felt he was with me every step of the way. About my dad....

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