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Four days of incredible sights and times, from sun up to sun down.
We saw new babies, and bands of mustangs I've never seen in the out back. Found a horse mecca hidden with a nice sized waterhole we didn't previously know about.
Seen 50+ head of Kigers. Found a mustang with a natural colored 'z' on this hip, and named him "Zeus". From fighting stallions to tender moments between horses, and babies on wobbly legs. Our eyes and hearts filled to the rim.
We encountered all weather elements-- sun, rain, snow, cold, heat, harsh winds which shook our cameras, gave us goosebumps, and blew our hats off. We hiked for countless muscle screaming miles. We saw distant wild bands, which we only prayed would not run away before we got there. We stalked Copperhead, and as predicted, didn't tolerate us 'two-leggeds', but managed to get him on a hill top before he literally disappeared from view, toward the snow-capped mountain and the full moon. Traversed cliffs, had a bobcat sighting, and a huge dust storm. It was an amazing trip. Sun up to sun down.
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